Dev Update 0 – Involving the community

25 Jul
25 Jan

We released an interactive form that lets players create an NPC for Encased, and receive unique in-game items in return. The form consists of a character generator and a set of questions that help determine the player’s behavior and preferences when confronted with different game scenarios.

Encased RPG – Announced

17 May
17 Jan

We proudly announce the impending arrival of Encased: an isometric RPG in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. This game tells the story of a disastrous research project inside an anomalous zone - the Dome - built in the middle of a desert by an unknown civilization. Encased will hit early access in early 2019.

See us on DevGAMM Moscow 2018

02 May
02 Jan

Good news, everyone! We have a confirmed slot on the DevGAMM Moscow 2018 Showcase.

Website is live

20 Mar
20 Jan

Meet Encased – the postapocalyptic single-player tactical RPG with an old-school spirit and a modern design. Our game features a turn-based combat system and an isometric camera.

Classified information for C.R.O.N.U.S. recruits

31 Jan
31 Jan

Coming Soon. Stay tuned.