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Meet Encased – the postapocalyptic single-player tactical RPG with an old-school spirit and a modern design. Our game features a turn-based combat system and an isometric camera.

The action takes place on a desert territory the isolated from the rest of the world and covered with a gigantic semi-penetrable dome of mysterious origin. Herein lie the ruins of an ancient technologically advanced civilization which are filled with artifacts, traps, and anomalies. These ruins are not abandoned, however. After the nuclear war, a corporation researching the ancient technologies collapsed, but its remaining staff founded separate factions, each one having their own vision of humanity's future.
Depending on the profession defined by the player during character creation, some unique dialogue and interaction options appear. However, Encased is a classless RPG – the flexible system of skills and attributes allows you to make your character anyone you want them to be.

After the prologue, Encased becomes an open-world game that consists of separately loaded areas, with random events that may occur during translocation.

During development, we are drawing our inspiration from such works as Fallout 1-2 and "Roadside Picnic."

Although Encased is the first project for Dark Crystal Games, this is not the first game for our team members. Many of us have professional experience in game development and have released critically-acclaimed games.

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