ENCASED — Patch 3

The full version of Encased was released in September and we’ve since introduced several hotfixes - and a couple of major patches - where we thoroughly worked on the UI, optimisation, level design and other aspects of the game. But all of this (with the exception of the special Halloween patch) was related to the content that was already in the game. That's great, but how about something new? Such as what we promised during our kickstarter campaign.

With this in mind, we started developing Patch 3. Today we are happy to present it to you and let you know what awaits you in the first (but not last!) large-scale Encased update.

A new adventure and cars

Before the Spire Station was built, cargo was delivered under the Dome by aircraft. One such aircraft - a decommissioned military transport callsigned Eldorado - made a hard landing in a mountainous area and was abandoned. A few years later, the plane which was devoid of life, began to broadcast strange signals... You’ll need to find out what is happening at the crash site and what fate befell the scientific group that went to investigate the plane shortly after it crashed. Oh and, by the way, on board the plane you can find a unique piece of clothing for your character as well as tons of loot.

We have redesigned the game's transport system; players can now steal almost any car (except those that will never run again). Having a car brings on many changes: not only can you navigate the map faster, but you also unlock new encounters, many of which can lead to highly unpredictable outcomes.

And conversely, we’ve added a little more predictability to random events in which you can encounter travelers named after kickstarter backers; as of now, if you convince someone to join one of the factions, upon arriving at the settlement, you will most certainly meet them, and some of such characters will become merchants.

Bug fixes, gamepad and Linux version

We have long promised to add gamepad support to the game and spent a lot of time and effort on its implementation. Additional options have been added along with the gamepad and now you can adjust the font size - or enable high contrast mode – which will make the game more accessible to play on a large monitor or TV. Or, for that matter, on a small Steam Deck display.

We also released a Linux version of the game and fixed a lot of bugs, errors and polished some minor rough edges – the fixes were so numerous that we decided not to make a list at all this time. Believe us, you will still see enough of them, because we do not plan to abandon Encased, and in the near future a lot of new and interesting things await you.

Thank you for your support and please stay tuned.

Encased community is the most important for us - we are going to follow up closely for your feedback on the game.